Saturday, June 18, 2005

Posting State Change by Submission

Rights on Channel (Posting)Current User's Rights on postingCurrent State of the Posting (PostingState)After Submission (PostingState)
Editor and ModeratorAuthor, Editor, Moderator, Template Designer, Channel Manager, or AdministratorNew, Saved, or EditorDeclinedWaiting for Editor Approval
Editor and ModeratorAuthor, Editor, Moderator, Template Designer, Channel Manager, or AdministratorModeratorDeclinedWaiting for Moderator Approval
Only EditorAuthor, Editor, Template Designer, Channel Manager, or AdministratorNew, Saved, or EditorDeclinedWaiting for Editor Approval
Only ModeratorAuthor, Moderator, Template Designer, Channel Manager, or AdministratorNew, Saved, or ModeratorDeclinedWaiting for Moderator Approval
No Editor or ModeratorAuthor, Template Designer, Channel Manager, or AdministratorNew, or SavedApproved, Published, or Expired

Notes :

1. A posting can be approved without submission, if that person has appropriate rights.

2. Authors can only submit a posting if it is not owned by any other person.

This is a summary from MCMS 2002 SP1a SDK.


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