Monday, August 22, 2005

MCMS Manager 4.1

This version is mainly targeted to improve the performance of the tool. I’m sure - this version will work faster than the previous one. Also this one includes resource search – it can be searched by guid, name, display name, mime type, size, etc. Download MCMS Manager from here.

Regular Expression to check Posting or Channel name

Few weeks back, Stefan has posted a function which can be used to validate the name of a posting or channel. I had a similar requirement, but wanted to have it as a single regular expression so that it can be easily used with RegularExpressionValidators.

Regular expression -

^(([a-zA-Z0-9 ()_\-]+(\.(?!\.)))*)[^/.]$

Also it is required to add a RequiredFieldValidator to check blank / whitespaces.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Site Manager and MCMS Manager

I've listed the features of Site Manager and MCMS Manager - to have a better understanding of MCMS Manager's features. Now MCMS Manager seems to fill most of the gaps between Site Manager and MCMS Sites!

Site ManagerMCMS Manager
Channels & Posting
Create, Copy, Delete, Move ChannelsGet the Guid of the Channels / Postings / Template Guid of the Posting
Copy, Move, Delete PostingsSearch inside a Channel (Search has many features)
Import/Export ChannelsGenerate Statistics for Channels
Import/Export PostingsEdit Posting / Posting Properties / Custom Properties
Work with Properties of ChannelsOpen the posting in Published / Unpublished / Update mode
Kill lock on Channel/PostingsKill lock on Postings
Rename ChannelsSubmit/ Approve/Decline a Posting
Clear Revision historiesGet the posting State
Preview postings
Get all the connected postings
Revert a posting to older version
Resource Galleries & Resources
Create, Copy, Delete, Move Resource GalleriesGet the Guid of the Resource Galleries / Resources
Copy, Move, Delete ResourcesPreview /Browse Resources
Import/Export Resource GalleriesSave the Resources
Import/Export ResourcesGet the postings which uses a Resource
Rename Resource GalleriesSearch in resources (Search has many features)
Edit Properties of Resource GalleriesReplace a resource
Template Galleries & Templates
Create, Copy, Delete, Move Template GalleriesGet the Guid of Template Galleries / Templates
Copy, Move, Delete TemplatesPreview Templates
Import/Export Template GalleriesGet the postings depend on the Template
Import/Export TemplatesView the connected Templates
Rename Template GalleriesGet the state of Templates
Edit Properties of Template GalleriesSubmit Templates
Generate Dependent Report for Templates
Approve Templates
User Groups & User
Add / Remove / Modify Rights groups-
Add / Remove / Modify Users

Also MCMS Manager includes few tools. They are,

  • IIS Log Converter, MCMS Log Generator & MCMS Log Viewer
  • MCMS Health Checker
  • Incremental Export Script Generator
  • Incremental Import Script Generator
  • UserGroup Backup-Restore Script Generator

NB: MCMS Manager 4.0 and above can be used from remote machines.

Friday, August 12, 2005

MCMS Manager 4.0

I want to thank everyone for helping me to make it as a stable version. Also I've added Page properties editor with this release. Hope to see more feedback! You can download it from here. For more information check MCMS Manager Site.

Monday, August 08, 2005

MCMS Manager 3.2 (Remote) - beta

As I promised, this version of MCMS Manager can be used remotely. It uses a bundle of web services. More information can be found here. Click here to download.