Monday, August 15, 2005

Site Manager and MCMS Manager

I've listed the features of Site Manager and MCMS Manager - to have a better understanding of MCMS Manager's features. Now MCMS Manager seems to fill most of the gaps between Site Manager and MCMS Sites!

Site ManagerMCMS Manager
Channels & Posting
Create, Copy, Delete, Move ChannelsGet the Guid of the Channels / Postings / Template Guid of the Posting
Copy, Move, Delete PostingsSearch inside a Channel (Search has many features)
Import/Export ChannelsGenerate Statistics for Channels
Import/Export PostingsEdit Posting / Posting Properties / Custom Properties
Work with Properties of ChannelsOpen the posting in Published / Unpublished / Update mode
Kill lock on Channel/PostingsKill lock on Postings
Rename ChannelsSubmit/ Approve/Decline a Posting
Clear Revision historiesGet the posting State
Preview postings
Get all the connected postings
Revert a posting to older version
Resource Galleries & Resources
Create, Copy, Delete, Move Resource GalleriesGet the Guid of the Resource Galleries / Resources
Copy, Move, Delete ResourcesPreview /Browse Resources
Import/Export Resource GalleriesSave the Resources
Import/Export ResourcesGet the postings which uses a Resource
Rename Resource GalleriesSearch in resources (Search has many features)
Edit Properties of Resource GalleriesReplace a resource
Template Galleries & Templates
Create, Copy, Delete, Move Template GalleriesGet the Guid of Template Galleries / Templates
Copy, Move, Delete TemplatesPreview Templates
Import/Export Template GalleriesGet the postings depend on the Template
Import/Export TemplatesView the connected Templates
Rename Template GalleriesGet the state of Templates
Edit Properties of Template GalleriesSubmit Templates
Generate Dependent Report for Templates
Approve Templates
User Groups & User
Add / Remove / Modify Rights groups-
Add / Remove / Modify Users

Also MCMS Manager includes few tools. They are,

  • IIS Log Converter, MCMS Log Generator & MCMS Log Viewer
  • MCMS Health Checker
  • Incremental Export Script Generator
  • Incremental Import Script Generator
  • UserGroup Backup-Restore Script Generator

NB: MCMS Manager 4.0 and above can be used from remote machines.


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