Monday, July 11, 2005

Connected Posting State Change by Approval and Submission

Connected postings are related with underlying 'Posting' objects and 'Page' objects. As I've stated in my previous post all the connected posting will have the same page objects. FollowGuids will be used to refer page objects with postings (to understand more check Posting - Posting - Channel Relationship).

When creating a new connected posting, a new posting will be created with same page objects - which other connected postings are using. All the connected postings, they will have their own posting objects, but will use the same page object. So any modification to page object will move all the connected postings to the appropriate state where if a posting object is modified, it will move only that connected posting to the appropriate state (to know what are bounded with page object and posting object check Posting State Change by Approval).

The state changes of postings can be found in my previous posts,

1. Posting State Change by Approval
2. Posting State Change by Submission

and it will be same for connected postings as well. The only difference is that when a modification - state change is done to one connected posting, if it is a modification on page object - that will get reflected in all the connected postings as it has only one copy of page object whereas if the modification is on posting object then it will only affect that connected posting as all the connected posting has their own posting objects.

PS: Don't get confused with Posting , Posting object and Page object. Posting is used over the API and other two are underlying objects which will makeup the overall posting (Posting = Posting object + Page object).


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