Wednesday, October 12, 2005

MCMS Manager Performance Test (Initialization)

Performance test for MCMS Manager was done with Search enabled (otherwise it must not take more than 5 sec to initialize).

Machine Configuration

Processor - Intel Pentium 4 Mobile CPU 1.80GHz
RAM - 256MB
O/S - Windows 2003

MCMS Configuration

Postings - 2982 (size - 8.5mb)
Resources - 50 (size - 0.5mb)
Templates - 20 (size - 0mb)

Total Application Size 9.0mb (here size is the size of objects generated by MCMS Manager).

Web Service (in the same machine) took 117.7800 Sec to initialize where as Local API took 72.7053 Sec.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any way that you can modify MCMS Manager so that it loads the channel structure etc. "on demand" as opposed to loading everything in one go ?

We have a VERY extensive channel strucure that takes a very long time to load in your tool. By contrast Site Manager, which appears to do load-on-demand, seems much faster.


3:39 AM  
Blogger Chester said...


Actually, MCMS Manager loads the channel structure on demand. But it asynchronously creates the structure for searching purpose. If you are using MCMS Manager 4.4/newer, by disabling Enable….(Tools-> Options->Enable…) you can stop that (but then you can’t use search… features, which is obvious).


4:22 AM  

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